Welcome Dr.Mehdi Moeinaddini from University of Liège, Belgium to be committee member! 

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Dr.Mehdi Moeinaddini 

University of Liège, Belgium

Research Area:

Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning

Urban Street Networks, Urban Streets and Shared Spaces

Bicyclist and Pedestrian Facilities Design and Planning

The Pedestrian and Bicyclist Highway Safety Problem

Transport Safety at the City Level

Research experience: 

Professional Service and Memberships
Postgraduate program coordinator for transportation planning, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Jan 16 – present)
Associate research fellow, Center for Innovative Planning and Development (CIPD), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Jun 15 – present)
Coordinator of the transportation and logistic laboratory, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Jul 15- present)
Member of scientific and technical committee and editorial review board on architectural and environmental engineering, International Science Index (Apr 15- present)
Member of construction engineering council organization of Kerman province, Kerman, Iran (Jun 08 – present)

Research Grants
The Relationship between Street Networks and the Number of Transport Fatalities at the Neighbourhood Level 
FRGS Grant (149,150 Malaysian Ringgit)
Head Researcher (UTM)
Systematic methods in street design for non-motorized trips in urban areas
FRGS Grant (90,000 Malaysian Ringgit)
Head Researcher (UTM)