Welcome Assis.Prof. Chengpeng Wan from Wuhan University of Technology, China to be committee member!

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Assis.Prof. Chengpeng Wan 

Wuhan University of Technology, China

Research Area: 

Transportation safety; uncertainty modelling; transportation resilience

Research experience: 


[1] Wan, C., Yan, X., Zhang, D. Qu, Z. & Yang, Z. (2019). An advanced fuzzy Bayesian-based FMEA approach for assessing maritime supply chain risks. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 125, 222-240. (SCI, IF=4.253)

[2] Wan, C., Yan, X., Zhang, D. & Yang Z. (2019). A novel policy making aid model for the development of LNG fuelled ships. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 119, 29-44. (SCI, IF=3.693)

[3] Wu, J., Zhang, D., Wan, C.,* Zhang, J. & Zhang, M. (2019). Novel Approach for Comprehensive Centrality Assessment of Ports along the Maritime Silk Road. Transportation Research Record, in press. (SCI, IF=0.748)

[4] Shi, S., Zhang, D., Su, Y., Wan, C.,* Zhang, M. & Liu, C. (2019). A Fuzzy-Based Decision-Making Model for Improving the Carrying Capacity of Ship Locks: A Three Gorges Dam Case. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 7(8), 244. (SCI, IF=1.732)

[5] Chen, Y., Liu, Q., Wan, C., Li, Q. & Yuan, P. (2019). Identification and Analysis of Vulnerability in Traffic-Intensive Areas of Water Transportation Systems. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 7(6), 174. (SCI, IF=1.732)

[6] Chen, Y., Liu, Q. & Wan, C. (2019). Risk Causal Analysis of Traffic-Intensive Waters Based on Infectious Disease Dynamics. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 7(6), 277. (SCI, IF=1.732)