Welcome Dr.Huizhi Xu from Northeast Forestry University of China to be committee member!

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Dr.Huizhi Xu

School of Traffic and Transportation,Northeast Forestry University,China


Research Area:

Lane Change Behavior Characteristics(车道变换行为特性

Road traffic safety(道路交通安全)

Driver Behavior Characteristics(驾驶员行为特性)

Planning and Design of Transportation System(交通运输系统规划设计)

Optimizing Method of Transportation Infrastructure Layout(交通基础设施布设优化方法)

Theory and Method of Traffic State Recognition(交通状态识别理论与方法)

The Impact of Large-scale Infrastructure Construction on Social Stability(大型基础设施建设对社会稳定影响)

Research Experience:

Senior Engineer Huizhi Xu experts in Science and Technology Library of the Ministry of Science and Technology, reviewer of Journal of Advanced Transportation journal. A total of 56 papers were published. Among them, 32 Journal papers, 24 conference papers, 16 EI papers and 2 ISTP papers were published.

徐慧智博士是科技部科技专家库在库专家,Journal of Advanced Transportation期刊审稿人,共发表论文56篇。其中发表期刊论文32篇,会议论文24篇,EI检索论文16篇,ISTP检索论文2篇。