Welcome Dr.Behram Wali from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA to be committee member!

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Dr. Behram Wali

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 

Research Area: 

Big Data Driven Transportation Science, Smart Cities, Connected & Automated Vehicles, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Ambient Sensing, Naturalistic Driving, Road and Traffic Safety, Built-Environment and Health, Program/Countermeasure Evaluation, Big Data Science, Travel Behavior, Alternative Fuel Vehicles & Infrastructure, Sensor & Telematics Data, Machine Learning

Research experience: 

Dr. Behram Wali recently earned his Ph.D. (Civil Engineering) and M.S. (Statistics) degrees from the University of Tennessee. Data driven applied transportation research is his hobby! Currently, heis Postdoctoral Scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Lead Research Scientist at Urban Design 4 Health, Inc. His research interests are diverse - ranging from transportation & health to safety, travel behavior, and sustainability implications of disruptive connected & automated vehicles technologies and smart cities to more traditional traffic safety and mobility analysis. At Urban Design 4 Health, Inc., he has researched fundamental and applied issues on the interactions between land use, transportation, air quality, climate change, and public health. His methodological expertise includes big data analytics, simulation-assisted econometrics & machine learning methods.